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Erlab Halo 1


Halo 3 Versions


Organic vapors (acids secondary)


Acid vapors and Organic vapors


For Labs with formaldehyde vapors

Processed air flow  up to 220 m³/h
Operating modes  24/7, Day/Night, Unique detection, Min/Max detection
Detection Semiconductor sensor Electro-chemical sensor Electro-chemical sensor
Fan monitoring Halo unit monitors the air flow and informs the user through light pulsation communication
Pre-filtration Particulate prefilter
Filters VOC Chemplus Formaldehyde
Chemical Filter Option Organic vapors (acids secondary) Acid vapors & Organic vapors For Labs with formaldehyde
VOCs detection Semi conductor sensor
User Interface Simple communication by LED pulsation system
eGuard App for remote control and monitoring
Ports 1 Ethernet Port
Installation Suspended via metal cables attached to 4 eye bolts or threaded bar attached to 4 side brackets
Weight 31 kg (including filter)
Voltage / Frequency 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Energy Consumption 50 W