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Halo Sensor Smart

Halo Sense Smart

Halo Sense Smart has been designed to continuously monitor the lab air quality for the large spectrum of fumes and vapours. Also can be connected to building management systems. When no pollution is detected, the air change rate can be optimized hence reducing energy costs. Smart technology uses light communication to alert users in case of pollution. A soft band of light pulses to inform instantly about lab air quality. eGuard app sends safely alerts and notifications to allow a real time monitoring.

Halo Sense Smart.


Halo Sense Smart 3 versions


For labs with volatile organic compounds


For Labs with Formaldehyde vapours


For Labs with acid vapours

 Housing Lightweight, durable plastic
Detection Semiconductor sensor Electro-chemical sensor Electro-chemical sensor
Weight 1kg – 2.2lbs
Sensitivity 5 sensitivity levels 3 sensitivity levels
Installation Equipped with removable turntable to allow installation on: wall, bench, and ceiling
eGuard app App for remote control and monitoring
Energy Comsumption 10 W
User Interface Simple communication by LED pulsation system / audible warning ( can be disabled )
Voltage / frequency 80 – 240V  50/60hz
Connectivity via Ethernet connector ( RJ45 cable provided )
RJ45 cable Length: 3m
Dry Contact 1 permanent for alarm indicator ( 3.3V )
Coverage from 14 to 40m²