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Halo Sensor Smart

Halo Sense Smart

Halo Sense Smart.


Halo Sense Smart 3 versions


For labs with volatile organic compounds


For Labs with Formaldehyde vapours


For Labs with acid vapours

 Housing Lightweight, durable plastic
Detection Semiconductor sensor Electro-chemical sensor Electro-chemical sensor
Weight 1kg – 2.2lbs
Sensitivity 5 sensitivity levels 3 sensitivity levels
Installation Equipped with removable turntable to allow installation on: wall, bench, and ceiling
eGuard app App for remote control and monitoring
Energy Comsumption 10 W
User Interface Simple communication by LED pulsation system / audible warning ( can be disabled )
Voltage / frequency 80 – 240V  50/60hz
Connectivity via Ethernet connector ( RJ45 cable provided )
RJ45 cable Length: 3m
Dry Contact 1 permanent for alarm indicator ( 3.3V )
Coverage from 14 to 40m²