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GFH 6400




Proprietary Neutrodine filtration Technology

A single filter for the handling of solvents, acids and bases.


Exclusive twin-sensor saturation detector

For the detection of filter saturation of a wide range of chemicals.

Detector _ 2

User identification and approval system with access card

GreenFumeHood can only be operated with a personalized RFID card. One specially for the user which allows full operation for approved applications and activate all safety alarms, one for the Administration, responsible for a network of fume hoods and give unrestricted access to important historical data such as recorded usage and alarm history, one for the Service Engineer that enables calibration function and repair.

Advanced eGuard communication technology

One safety officer can control remotely in real time the safety of up to 250 greenfumehoods in one laboratory building.

Electronic filter identification system

GreenFumeHood electronic filter identification system that not only indicates the filter presence, but also ensures proper filter use and distinguishes between new and used filters.



Model Dimensions   Filtration columns Volume of air treated 
GFH 6400 Length Depth  Height (mm)  4 920 m³/h
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