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Captair Pyramid

Captair Pyramid 2200

Pyramid 2200 is a multi-function disposable glove box, made of high quality transparent PVC. Assembled in a few second, int can be used anywhere ( indoor or outdoor ), the slanted shape of the enclosure provides a very ergonomic working position to the operator. Light, mobile and disposable, the pyramid 2200 is an ideal flexible protection tool which can suit many specific protection requirements in each laboratory.


Glove Size Complete with support rods
XL (extra large) 2200ANM/XL



External Dimensions Length L Width W Height H
860mm/33,86 inch. 560mm/22,05 inch. 725mm/28,54 inch.
Zipper length 600mm
O-Ring diameter 16mm



Base Blue PVC 0,4 mm thickness
Enclosure Krystal clear PVC 0,3 mm thickness
Support rods Rigid white PVC
Arm openings Rigid PVC diam: 115 mm
Gloves Medical PVC
TËš of use -25 ËšC to + 45 ËšC
Net weight 1,55 kg